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Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am a New Englander, born and raised, however 25 years ago I followed the love of my life down south and haven’t seen a true fall season since. Of course, I have developed a fondness for pimento cheese sandwiches and gumbo so the south isn’t as bad as I thought it would be! Now, if it would just snow occasionally, I’d be happy!

From Science Geek to Content Creator

After college, I spent years working in scientific research while I lived in Texas. After moving with my husband to Atlanta, I gave up the science career to become a full time mom. Bills were tight, I was bored, and after trying my hand at a few part time jobs, I stumbled upon blogging. Finally, a creative outlet to help me share my passion for green and healthy living with the rest of the world!

Turning the Clock Back, a site devoted to sustainability and wellness, was born in 2010 and it continues to be a reference for people looking for new ways to go green and get healthy, one baby step at a time.

Of course, my whole life isn’t about sustainability and wellness. I am a mom and wife, a pet owner, a lover of Cheetos, and occasionally a frustrated suburbanite. I harnessed the non green and crunchy part of my life into a new blog. Suburbia Unwrapped is my down to earth look at the chaos of the burbs without the perfection you often see portrayed on social media today.

Freelance Writing and Digital Storytelling

As the blogging industry took off, the number of people looking for digital content skyrocketed. I began writing for numerous other sites, which you can see on my resume page. From recipe creation to parenting tips, I have covered all the usual topics that are popular with bloggers.

Given my background in the healthcare field, I also created a significant amount of content on health topics, with appropriate references and research included. Additional projects, including copy editing, ghost writing, event coverage, photography, etc have also become part of my resume in the last few years.

Family Life

I have been married to my husband Alex for almost 25 years. We have two college kids who drive us batty but are our pride and joy. My daughter Emily is 19 and passionate about music, art, photography, and  American Sign Language.  My son Drew is a Senior at the University of Georgia majoring in Linguistics. We are a very close family but one that has it’s own share of ups and downs, just like every family does. Both of them excel at academics and love driving me just a tad bit nuts!

In My Free Time

I don’t get all that much free time but when I do, you will find me reading, digging in the garden, or making something decadent in the kitchen. I have a passion for steamy romance books, fattening desserts, and motorcycle rides in the mountains with my husband.

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